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Related scenes - Violet and Jason’s fight

The fight seems pretty violent but I think Jason is safe because the next morning he is talking to Sookie or at least I think the fight scene happens the same night of the party after the sexual encounter with Jessica

Jason’s face in the second pic. Is the kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar. LOL. Love Ryan. Great job as always.

‘True Blood’ plan to troll Republicans succeeds beautifully as Sarah Palin takes the bait


Although not mentioned by name on a recent episode of HBO‘s True Blood, which featured two lead characters attending a GOP fundraiser for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, media personality Sarah Palin inserted herself into the discussion by criticizing the show for being part of the “real war on women.”

In the episode, characters Eric Northman and Pam De Beaufort dress up to attend the  Cruz fundraiser in Dallas at the George W. Bush Library.  Admiring herself in the mirror, Pam remarks, “Oh my God. I’m a Republicunt!”






Pam does enjoy a good play with words:) 

Look at that sweet smile on Eric! This is one of the first times I’ve seen that smile this season. 

They were adorable. He bought her a purse!

Yes, it was great. They have to make the most of their time together, until Eric gets cured!!!!

I’m not diuretic we’ve ever seen Eric give an open grin like this to anyone for any reason. Yes,he las let his guard down and is openly enjoying his last moments with Pam.

I felt in these particular scenes that we were seeing Alex and Kristin and not Pam and Eric. JMO.

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Bill trying to escape through the underground railroad.

Bill’s usual MO: Using women and children as human shields.

Yes. Thank you! This was messed up. I get what she was trying to do in protecting him, but the fact that he didn’t even attempt to prevent her from doing it is all kinds of wrong. You don’t let your wife, who holds your infant son, and your young daughter stand in front of you while some soldier points his weapon your way. Just no, writers.

As much as he feared the war, taking his family, which included a small child and infant, on the Underground Railroad was very reckless.  It would be understandable if he risked their lives because of abolitionist philosophies and ideals, but that didn’t seem to be the case.  In the next flashback Bill tells Caroline, “I didn’t want to fight, but I don’t see a way out.”  Apparently he was captured and forced to join the Confederacy.  Bill the brave.  Most interesting in his flashbacks were his encounters with ancestors of some recognizable Bon Temp residents.  Why no flashbacks to encounters with past Stackhouses or Bellefleurs?  That at least would have made the flashbacks more tolerable and interesting.

Yes, it was dangerous, though I wouldn’t fault someone for trying to escape before war broke out. That’s understandable, though I agree it would have been better had they expanded on his reasons for going. Most of his concerns were about how the Yankees were going to destroy them and their lands. But if you’re going to travel with a large group, doesn’t it make more sense to go at night? You know, in the dark where people have a more difficult time seeing you? It’s kind of a typical Bill move, though. His plans are never very good. He’s either up in a tree or trying to travel the underground railroad at high noon. Dumb. :)

Bill’s family was wealthy and affluent, so if he wanted to leave Louisiana he wouldn’t need to travel with the Underground Railroad to do it.  He wasn’t a slave or even abolitionist.  He had valid concerns in terms of the success and preparedness of the Confederacy against the Union, but if he was concerned about protecting his lands he may have been more determined to help fight for states rights.  I think he was just afraid, and there is nothing wrong with that except that he would have people believe he was a brave soldier in his human life.  He was a reluctant soldier who was forced to join the war.  I just can’t buy into all this Bill redemption crap, so nothing about him seems sincere for me.

Nope. That’s because they are shaping the story to fit a predetermined narrative instead of letting the characters grow organically. Bill has always, always been better as a jerk. I never liked Bill more as a character than when he was showing his true face. Bill as the southern gentleman was never believable. The Bill that came into Merlotte’s that first night, though? The one that looked dangerous? That Bill was a great Bill, because he was acting like a vampire who’d been around the block and not some stiff, formal stick-in-the-mud who claims that having a friendship with a woman is a new thing for him. I wish the writers would have just let him turn into the villain, instead of trying to force him into this romantic, courtly relationship with the ex-girlfriend he abused.

Exactly! I could never buy Bill and Sookie, because Bill seemed so shady from the very beginning. Sookie turned into an idiot around him, which is believable, I guess, because people often get goofy when they fall in love. There’s a reason scientists compare being in love to being on drugs. Mix in vampire blood (a powerful aphrodisiac) and I could understand Sookie being addled enough to fall for Bill despite all the “danger—something’s not right” vibes coming off him.

But it was pretty clear to my unaddled senses that Bill was bad news. The later reveals that he was there to seduce Sookie for her blood, and was lying to her the whole time, only confirmed these impressions. Bill’s unmasking as a villain felt completely organic, because he’d always radiated menace. His trying-too-hard attempts at charm at seduction just confirmed that he was up to no good.  

If only the writers had let him become a full-blown villain, the show could have been saved. I get that they couldn’t let the lead actress’s husband go even once his storyline was over (at the end of season three). But the instinct to make him an out-and-out villain, which they followed in seasons 4-5, was correct. He was already a bad guy underneath. Just give in and let it happen.

But no, they had to try to redeem him (incompetently). I could have told them it wouldn’t work. It is very hard to take a character full circle (good-bad-good again). Even Joss Whedon, genius that he is, had to spin Angel off on his own show after he went bad and then was redeemed. His relationship to Buffy felt played out after they did that whole arc. It took starring as a good guy in his own spinoff, with seasons of him being redeemed, to make viewers even contemplate Angel reuniting with Buffy. How Buckner thought that he and his team of hacks could do what took Whedon four seasons AND a spin-off to accomplish—in a single season, no less—is a mystery to me. The arrogance (and stupidity) of this writing room never ceases to amaze me. 

I was so excited for Bill the Villain! It wouldn’t make Bill a “good guy” but it would have made him a great character. The arc would have been amazing, both for him and for Sookie. Taking out her first boyfriend after he goes demonic would have been a very interesting arc for her. I am fully convinced that Alan Ball left at the end of season 5 with this intention, plus he’d been steadily building up Sookie and Eric’s relationship for 5 seasons. Bill was literally rising from a pile of goo as a other worldly entity while Sookie and Eric embraced. It was a great set up and I can imagine Ball going “here, take this, it’s all set up, you literally cannot fuck it up.”

Sigh. It got fucked up so bad.

So much this!!! It’s like Alan Ball, burnt out as he was, handed them the storylines to the entire True Blood endgame, enough material for 1-3 seasons depending upon how they stretched it out, and they threw it in the trash. Instead, they gave us … this crap. 

You’re right that it would have been great for Paquin and Moyer, too. Their characters would have benefited from some shaking up, and Sookie could have come into her own as a heroine. Bill would have made a great villain. But the writers chickened out, and so they just became the most hated main couple on TV.

I have no idea why the writers refused to go there. The interference of Paquin and Moyer seems an obvious reason, maybe too obvious. Perhaps the showrunner change last year, amid reports of going over budget, pushed the writers into embracing a much safer narrative endgame. These writers do seem to be recycling the beats from previous seasons instead of taking the main characters into new territory. That suggests an executive that has decided or been pressured to take no risks.

Whatever happened, the show is immeasurably poorer for it.

It certainly is. About 1/2 the fans realize this. The other half were ever only interested in nudity,sex and gore.

Bill is a great villain. But he would be a better villain, when TB reveals all that has transpired in BT over the years. Go there TB.

God bless Willa though.







For saying Tara was her true maker and for calling Pam and Eric out for being shitty fucking makers. For telling Pam she’s the reason Tara died. YES.

And Pam was such a cold asshole in return with her condescending remark about ‘mommy and daddy issues.’ WHAT THE FUCK kind…

They filmed a big emotional response for Pam when Tara died but cut it. That should tell you all need to know about the kind of attitude they decided Pam would have. I don ‘t care for it as as I don’t care for what they’ve done with Eric’s arc or Sookie’s for that matter. Then we have the whole St. Bill arc etc. it’s shit and just being done to force whatever sense of drama these paltry writers can eke out.

They’re shoving all complexity (and sanity) out the window in a lot of the characterization. White-washing Bill, maligning Sookie, Eric, and Pam, ignoring growth made by ANY character (good or bad). This return to season one stuff is crap. 

Yes it is.:(

Sigh. Yes. And yes to “Bless Willa”! 

She said the truth. And then Eric released her and left her penniless and looking for a job waiting tables while he is buying $5,000 Old Lady clutches for his other progeny … Asswipe. 

I am sorry, I like Eric, always have, but everything he did to Willa is pure shit. From start to finish.

I’m pretty sure everything with Willa and Eric was to deflect accusations against Bill for being a terrible maker with Jessica. I mean, sure, that’s childish logic, it’s all “NUH-UH, Look how bad Eric is, Bill is a good maker!!”, but well, childish logic seems to be how they operate.

They’ve been doing all that they can to try and make Eric look worse than Bill (but not SO unlikable that the audience turns on the writers) for the past two seasons.

Bill had always been criticized for being such a shit maker, not even teaching Jessica how to feed. While Eric was praised for being such an attentive and caring maker with Pam. What to do, what to do…ah, I have it, let’s make Eric randomly make a child with a kidnapped woman, then abandon her, have her hate him and accuse him of not teaching her how to feed! Brilliant!

It’s such transparent bullshit.

hallelujahs for saying it. Billshit.

Ok Truebies who truby aren't in the Beehl fan club: am I the only one who's noticed he's longing for his wife and kids, NOT Sookie?! I think that's the point of the flashbacks! He laid in the tub remembering his wife was his ONE true love. He wasn't dreaming of Sookie, she's not even on his radar these days. I think this is significant...or I hope it is. Thoughts?



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It’s really hard to say these days what the intent of a scene is. I read it more as Bill longing for his human days (ugh), with everything that it entailed. But yes, the “my one true love” comment was…

Yes in Season Two, Episode One, Bill delivers to Sookie his “Sookie, I can not and will not loose you. For all the ways I have dismayed, aggrieved, failed you, I swear I will atone. I refuse to apologize what you have awakened in me. You, you are my miracle. Sookie for the first time in 140 years, I felt something that I thought had been lost to me forever.  I love you. And for that I shall never feel sorry.” Then of course, Sookie forgives Bill…kissy face, barf.

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